I walked into a large building, armed with a gun... Had to walk in beyond the first set of guards... an as soon as I went in I shot the first guy. I was that impulsive, shooting everybody in the process, climbing up stairs, shooting everybody on whatever floor I went up.

I went into the bathroom, and I saw a Hell of a lot of armed guys running for me. I shot one or them. Another guy slipped and fell, and I shot him in the leg. Another guy leaps sideways, and I shot him. The last guy in the bathroom carried a machine gun, and waved it around without even aiming for me. I shot him dead on.

I found a rifle on the bathroom floor, and took some bullets, and I'll take the rifle later. A shiny pistol appeared before me. A Desert Eagle? Sure. A box of bullets next to the big-ass gun, so I took a handful and stuffed it into my jacket pocket.

I took the rifle, and I went into another room. A woman was surprised to see a rifle-toting killing machine that is me, and she was babbling. She's not the kind to put up a fight, so I closed the door. I only want a gunfight from armed thugs, not unarmed dorks.

And I walked in to an office. I saw a fat guy in a suit and cowboy hat, and I shot him. I looked into the office desk, and I saw a calendar. I saw lots of sketches of little fat characters... I think they looked like cats, do they? A big guy in a yellow shirt walked past me, and opened the office door to invite his friends. He was talking to a few friends. A big Russian woman noticed me when nobody else did. She tried to take the gun, but I was strong enough not to let her take it from my hands.