I work at night, and recently during one of my recent shifts I drifted off into a light, fitful sleep that yielded a pair of very vivid and peculiar dreams:

I'm at work, walking back to the NOC from the kitchen, when I hear screaming and commotion from across the office. Alarmed, I look around but I can't really tell what's going on, as the high walls of the cubicle maze obscure my view. I quickly discover the source of the screaming when a group of 6 or 7 tall men wearing all white clothing come around a corner carrying my uncle -- or at least what's left of him -- by the arms. The lower half of his body is missing, sliced cleanly off at the waist at a slight angle. I stare at this group of strangers with a mixed sense of horror and concern and ask the group if I can help them carry my uncle to an ambulance. They decline my help and instead silently communicate to me that I should go fetch the lower half of my uncle, which is back in my work area. I agree to do so, and one of the men follows to assist.

I hurry to back to the NOC and find my uncle's legs leaning up against a desk, connected together by only a thin shred of flesh. The sight of this absolutely terrifies me, and I pause as I try to figure out how to carry the legs without having them tear apart. As I consider how to carry out this task, I become so repulsed and horrified that I jolt myself out of sleep, ending the troubling nightmare.

Minutes after waking myself up from the nightmare, I fell back asleep and into an absurdly bizarre and humorous dream. It begins with a sephia toned cartoon starring a legless dachshund named Jellybean. The cartoon isn't much on plot, as Jellybean simply bounces around while a silly theme song plays: "Jellybean, Jellybean, the legless dog!". The passive cartoon segment of the dream ends. Strange stuff.

In the next segment of the dream, I find myself at work, back in the NOC, where I'm dogsitting Jellybean. The two dimensional, brown dog of the cartoon is now a pudgy, grey haired dachshund who, in keeping with his cartoon counterpart, bounces around my workplace randomly. I try to keep an eye on the dog while I work, but I become distracted and lose Jellybean. When I realize he's missing, I frantically search for him and eventually find that he's fallen behind a desk. As I try to figure out how to retrieve him, the phone rings, abruptly ending the odd dream.