Six of us were sitting around the table on a terrace. We were having either a pint of beer or a cup of tea. The table was made of wooden lathes and we were seated as follows:
On the end of the table some guy who was Magda's boyfriend. On the left from him was sitting Iwona and some other guy. I was sitting on the right from Magda's boyfriend and besides me was Magda and then on the very right some girl.
Others are all Poles except me but the following discussion tooks place in English because it's the common language among us.

Magda's boyfriend goes to me: "Ya know, how Iwona turns on in shower?" Magda gives a quick response: "But they have known each others just for two months, just like us, so don't expect them to know everything." Iwona says to Magda's boyfriend: "But maybe you shouldn't sneak and peep in others' showers."

Me and Iwona turn our faces just a wee bit downwards and we look at each other's eyes smiling in a way that gives us a feeling that we both know ourselves pretty well, especially compared to Magda and her boyfriend even though the time for both couples has been equal and we feel happy about this.
Then there is a minor argument but.

I'm sitting in a train or tram and I have some problem to solve. In order to do it I know I have to get the train off from the track. I (somehow) do it and the train rolls through the field which grows tall weed. The train heads towards the sea but it doesn't sink - instead it takes couple of bounches from the water surface and ends up on an island.
The problem is solved and a train standing on a small island is very impressive scene.