So this dream involved my being in some strange place, back in time about 10 years, and with people who didn't belong there.

So I'm in some kind of trouble. I'm running into people, being chased, and I run into (as in bump into) this girl I knew from high school, Kerri Suggs. (side note: what is the probability that Kerri is a noder?)

Anyhow, this scene ends with me getting accused of shooting someone.

The next scene has me with Kerri in some bus terminal, I think. I'm apologizing for hitting her (I don't remember hitting her, though). She says "Its okay", and next thing I know we're holding hands.

Very strange. I haven't thought of Kerri in years. I honestly can't remember if her name is spelled Kerri or Carrie, etc.

i was in some foreign country, middle east or oriental or SOMEWHERE. not sure. there with a female friend, although i couln'dt tell you for the life of me whom.

we do our touristy things, look about, have fun. we've been *warned* about violence and kidnapings of american girls, and hostility towards them, but we've met no problems. we finish our day and return to to the hotel to sleep. we gossip a bit, then nod off.

we wake up in what appears to be a closet. we've been captured. there are three other native girls there who seem to be captured too, but are treated less harshly. the place seemsto be halfway between an attempt at a "concentration camp" (anthough it's in a HOUSE) and a brothel. my friend and i were to be married off to some native noble. but we were treated like posessions, being "lowly" americans, and women at that, we cant POSSIBLY have any value but tokens.

the native girls treat us like shit. they're NATIVE so they're SO much betterthan we are, and let us know it. they make fun ofthe american makeup, pretending to help us get on our makeup without a mirror (we had to meet our "suitors"),and then shoving it in our eyes to cause pain, all the while mocking us.

we tried various forms of escape andeach time were captured by the harsh women who ran the house and kept us and the native girls "safe". each time we were punished by worse quarters or food or something.

one of the native girls decidedshe hated her treatment there, too, and triedto rebel against the housemistresses. she was caught, punished, and deemed unclean and thrown with us. she soon was won over to our side, and joined forces with us.

we tried more escape methods; finally one night we knew it was our alst chance. tomorrow my friend was to be handed over to her new husband. there was no time left.

we snuck out. it was then our friend revealed she had some magical abilities, due to her training and upbringing. she was in the posession of a charmed amulet that would hypnotise the weak of heart.

the first row of guards succumbed to it. we left them sleeping and took their swords. my friend and i were trained; the native girl was not swordtrained but had exceptional stealth skills.

the amulet somehow then summoned a large sentient bird, upon which we rode as we tried to fly out and escape. after fighting off all manner of guards in melodramatic kung fu movie style, we finally got free. we were just trying to return home (and the bloody alarm went off).

methinks my dreams are getting WAY too complicated...

This happened in my parent's house (aye, again). I was just lieing down on lower bunk bed althought I normally sleep in the upper one. There was extra radiator and pipes beside the bed and seemed like one of the pipes was leaking. Something wet dropped down in my forehead. I check out everything and I noticed that this liquid had eaten its way into the pillow and through it. The whole coat of pillow was full of small holes and otherwise ragged as well.

I tried to find out the reason for this and it wasn't a pipe afterall but there were couple of small (diameter 2mm) holes in the ceiling. Our ceiling had changed: It was like lime whereas IRL it isn't.

Watery acid came out of these holes and suddenly a disgusting spider came out one of these holes as well. Then a new hole appeared and then huge inrush of all bugs of all types. Even though the new hole itself was as small as previous ones, amazingly big creatures crept out of it.

My dad was devasteted: "We should have sold our house to Martin Rucinsky (ice hockey player for Montreal Canadiens)." Telly said just Martin has reached a contract with JYPht (Finnish ice hockey team).

I was somewhatta in control and it was the bloodpath of bugs as I tried to prevent them taking over our house. I tried to find kitchen towel but there wasn't any so I had to use toilet paper instead as a weapon (and merely to protect my fingers from ugly creatures).

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