In Real Life: a fabled land outside of cyberspace. Often alluded to in IRC chat and passionate e-mail from HNG's describing a strange place where everyone is built perfectly and make over 100 times the average gross income for their area. See also Disneyland.

Abbreviation for Ireland. Found as bumper stickers on cars of all shapes and sizes exiting Cherbourg and Le Harve harbours in France as mammy, daddy and the kids head off on their two week vacation to Brittany, Bordeaux or some other holiday destination........These cars should be avoided at all costs when driving in continental Europe........the drivers aren't used to driving on the right side of the road!

Are "IRL" and "RW" any more real than the internet?

IRL("in real life") and RW ("real world") are often used in online communication to describe events, people, and places that are not part of the internet or computers. Face to face communication. But what makes them any more real than the internet?

"My IRL friend and I..." but is that friend you see at school or work really any more real than the friend you talk to all night on AIM or ICQ? I think not! Some of my closest friends live on the otherside of the country. I have friends on the otherside of the world! And I'm a lot closer to some of them than I am to some of the friends that live in the same city as me.

The internet is one of the best and worst inventions there ever was.

How can it be both you ask. I'll tell you.

It's simple. Among the many many things it is capable of, it allows friendship to develop between people that would never have even known the other person existed if not for the power of computers, modems, and telephone lines, and the internet.

Yes that is both what makes it the best and worse invention.


Well that too is fairly simple:

Friendship=Joy, Caring, love, companionship Friendship=arguments, jealousy, hurt and endings

Guess what child:

The internet is real life. There is happiness. There is sadness. There is pain. There is pleasure.

Face it. This is REAL!

If the internet is a just a game so is the so called real world.

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