The Riddler invites the riddlee to observe the bubbles rising in a glass of carbonated beverage.
Q: "What do you see?"
A: "Glorantha." (Or, "the world".)

The bubbles are not the beverage, but they could not exist as definite entities without the surrounding fluid. The bubble ceases to exist as such when it reaches the surface and escapes the entrapping fluid. By extension, no thing can be defined without appealing to some sense of what that thing is NOT. See Shel Silverstein's The Missing Piece and/or The Missing Piece Meets the Big O.

In Glorantha, there is a popular metaphysical model that describes the world as a bubble endlessly rising through the seething ferment of Chaos. The implication is that the universe could not exist without Chaos; IRL, it seems that love does not exist without hate, satisfaction without hunger, nor virtue without vice.

Nysalori riddles

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