See my write-up for Illuminated. As far as RuneQuest/Glorantha game mechanics are concerned, there is supposed to be a Nysalor Riddle for each skill. Each time a character is exposed to a new Riddle, they may attempt to solve the riddle using the better of their Illumination skill or the skill associated with the riddle. If they succeed, their Illumination skill increases by 1%, and dice are rolled to see if the character has indeed become Illuminated. (Some campaigns allow an annual check at Sacred Time in addition to, or instead of, on-the-spot Illumination.)
There is some contention among gamers whether the riddling should be role-played, or just reduced to die rolls. The role-playing approach requires that there be actual riddles. Since many of the skills in Runequest have no real-world cognates (all the sorcery manipulation skills, e.g.), it's difficult to drum up appropriate koans for such skills.

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