A path of clues where the solution to each clue reveals the location of the next clue. Riddle trails are commonly used in Assassins' Guild games, where the mechanic may represent retracing the route of an earlier character.

Riddle trails have several options for implementation:

Game clue based
Each clue in this type of riddle trail points to a location relevant to the game. The clues make sense within the game context.
Location based
Clues of this nature require a good understanding of the space underlying the game - clues may point to room numbers, artwork, or named rooms, which are features of the campus where the game is played.
Photo trail
In a photo trail, the clues are pictures taken from the next site on the trail.
Open trails
In an open trail, any player can freely follow the riddle trail. These tend to devolve into large groups of people all competing for the same prize.
Closed trails
Closed trails require players to have an ability or item that allows them to follow the trail.

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