Riddle of the Spheres by Brett Bixler (bxb11@psu.edu - http://www.clat.psu.edu/homes/bxb11/boe/)

User scenario for Blades of Exile, part one of the The Spheres Trilogy. The seven spheres are missing and you're supposed to find them.


Over the past 700 years, many famous musicians disappeared without a trace from the Empire. At first, this was attributed to lack of artistic freedom - the musicians wanted to disappear. Later, the mages of the Empire discovered the truth.

An invisible, roving gate that opened to another dimension was revealed. The gate was activated by music itself. You could be singing or even be just thinking about a song, and when the gate passed over you, you were transported to another place.

It took the Empire mages over 50 years to track, stabilize, and eventually control the gate. When the first bold adventurers stepped through the now stable portal, they were astounded. The land consisted of a large number of islands floating in the ether! Some islands had formed chains - they were more or less bound together by tough, thick vines, making travel between isles possible.

Descendants of the people who had traveled there over the years had formed loose communities and even had built some small cities. The most amazing discovery of all, however, was the Music of the Spheres.

These seven orbs existed in a large clearing on the island where the portal opened in the "Realm of the Spheres," as this place became known. The source of great music and magic, it naturally attracted many mages and musicians alike.

The Realm is a peaceful place, quite separated from the daily strife in the Empire. But something is awry. You have been called here on a priority one distress signal.

The Empire doesn't consider you the best choice for this job - just the closest. Additional troops are on the way. You are to report to Empire Liaison Jarl as soon as you arrive in the Realm of the Spheres.

Level: Low (1-8)
Content Rating: G
Spiderweb Ranking (1-5): 4.4
Play Time: ~36 hours
Zip Size: 162KB
Outdoor Sections: 18
Indoor Sections: 27
Includes a walkthrough and custom graphics.


Sequels: Quests of the Spheres - Destiny of the Spheres

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