We were going to United States. There were some half dozen of us in a van. All the guys were orienteerers and they weren't really happy with me because they thought I pure disliked USA. That wasn't the case, really. There's something I thought I'd find disgusting but I was very excited to get there. So my head started nipping when they cunts were mogging me. One bastard even threw sand on my face and we were supposed to be fuckin mates, I tell him! It was pretty close that we would have a square go but I'm certainly not a fighter so I calm down a bit and they get back of the van. A lassie next to me goes all enthuastic about that thing because she obviously knows what I'm thinking of. We discuss a bit how it's difficult to be a leftwinger and how people tend to think that America represents everything opposed to leftist ideas. That's why the guys were trying to wind me up.

Next there's a man presenting his seasoned food products. It's some kind of new conception of snacks and easy-to-use food stuff, he's telling me. We are having a bite with my friend and the man is anxious to hear our opinion. I'm not impressed though and I tell him they're okay but not for me. The man goes all dark-faced and down. I say that come on, it's just my bloody opinion and I'm not so much for the ready made foodstuff. I tell him that I'm not in a market segment he wants to target. No matter how hard I try to explain the idea that you cannot please everybody, particularly me, it doesn't me you're out of business. Zero effect.

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