Haunted Building, Puzzle Architecture, Tantric Sex Goddess

  • Hanging out with my junior high school english teacher, Mr. Gauche, in a strange old building in a big city. I discover a starving kid in a bathroom stall so I call 911. Then the kid turns into some kind of demon (Tetsuo from Akira-style) and takes over the building.

  • Led Zeppelin is thinking of putting on a show at the same old building so they arrive and open up the front doors. The structure is now all one, cavernous room, the far wall and ceiling receding into perfect darkness. As the band (of whom I am a member) begins to spread out into room. After a few minutes, ghosts appear and torment us. We run from the building, screaming.

  • I'm having dinner with my dad and step-mom next door at a fancy hotel restaurant. We're waiting for a table when I see my friends Allen, Nicole and Mario. They invite me to come with them into the hotel where there's strange things to see. We arrive in a large room lit by skylights far above and filled with delicate white architecture, almost skeletal. There are many thin shutes coming down from the ceiling with a ladder for one person in each. Lots of kids are running around and climbing up. I go up the nearest one and find that it leads up into the top of the room near the skylights. Heads pop up around me from the other shutes which come out at varying heights. There is one that comes out higher than all the others and I think that I'd like to go up that one. I come back down and realize that the architects deliberately twisted the shutes all around so you can't tell which comes out where. I become lucid at the point and try to fly up to the top. However, I don't get quite lucid enough and fail at my endeavor.

  • Someone shows me that a pet rabbit's living-space volume is determined by a very specific algorithm. I watch a demonstration of a growing room with sawdust on the floor.

  • With Thomas and Mario, we arrive at a San Francisco apartment for a party. I park the car on the street outside and we unload our stuff. Thomas gets nervous when I hand him a three-foot glass bong to carry in along with a bag of marijuana so I give him a plastic bag to put them in. I'm getting stuff out of the trunk when Thomas accidently disengages the emergency brake. The car rolls forward a few feet and rests against the car in front before I'm able to reset the brake. Mario gets pissed at Thomas and yells at him. He's also mad because now we're in front of a foot-wide red zone which we had carefully avoided. Instead of moving the car, however, Mario just flips over the man hole on which the red is painted. We head towards the party door but instead follow Thomas as he knocks on the wrong door. Someone opens it and invites us in. It looks like a party but no one we know is there. People, mostly female, are lying around on the floor and couches. They're very friendly and invite us to sit down. The vibe in there is electric for some reason. Everyone seems really happy like they're on ecstasy or something. They turn on a movie and I get a better idea of what's going on as a porn film appears on the screen. Now I notice that most of the women are scantily clad and one even jumps up and down on the couch revealing that she wears no underpants under her skirt. A moment arrives and we're instructed to choose a partner. I go with the flow and discover I am enraptured by a dark-skinned woman standing near me. She looks half-Latina, half-Indian and I prostrate myself at her feet, touching them in the Indian style of worship. I praise her supreme beauty and divine aspect. She smiles down at me and, taking my hand, leads me into a small bedroom where she describes the process I am to undertake: we shall feed each other with peppers, exquisite salads, tabouli, fruit juices and bits of pork (I make a face at this last one and confess I am vegetarian). At some point, a narrative voice takes over, describing the scene and our actions as if they were written in a holy book of tantric sex yoga: the feeding, the praying, the touching. As I listen to the voice, I realize that I am about to make love to no mere mortal, but the immortal form of an actual goddess, though I know not which. As I watch, her face transforms into the pale-dark visage of an Indian deity with that beatific Divine Mother smile. She says, "I am the Goddess of Goddesses." I say, "I am the God of Godlessness," by which I meant that she was everything and I nothing, perfect complements. As the voice goes on to describe our cosmic union, I watch her rainbow-striped sweater become the waveformed image of the universal Om, and that magnificent face expands to fill my vision.

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