For some reason I'm on the set of a television show hosted by Mary-Kate Olson.

Me:        So when's the next episode.
Mary-Kate: Umm, November 16. Until then we'll be showing
Me:        Cool.
Mary-Kate: (Under her breath) That way no one will notice
           that I'm pulling this show straight outta my
Me:        Whoa! Mary-Kate of TV's Mary-Kate and Ashley
           Olson just said "ass"!
Mary-Kate: (Laughing) Shut up.

Don't ask me what this means...

Presidential Ring

  • I'm in some kind of motor vehicle without windows and I'm not sure how I got here. A door then opens up in front of me, letting the sunlight into the cramped space. At the same time the sound of cheering breaks open. Inside the car with me, I see Laura Bush with her hand on the door latch, having just opened it. She turns from the cheering crowd to her left where President George W. Bush is sitting. She sees me in the process and makes an expression of astonishment. I deftly roll out of the car and into a dead run. At the same time a silver ring falls out of the car and rolls along with me. I pick it up as I go and arrive at my family's home (which looks like my own house inSanta Cruz). Knowing I've committed several kinds of crime I act paranoid around my family, hiding the ring from sight and mixing it with two other silver rings besides. I call my friend Thomas on his cell phone and ask him to pick me up so I can escape. He arrives and I sneak out of the house and into his car with the ring. We drive away and I'm safe.

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