My ex-girlfriend. Again. My first girlfriend actually. The only weird thing this time was that she was hanging out with my current girlfriend and I on a farm somewhere. They were actually friends in high school, so that's not completely strange I guess. I don't remember a huge amount about the dream right now except that I didn't feel nearly scared enough at the prospect of both these females from my life being so close together. In a way I guess they are bookends. One started my relationship life, showing me that even a bespectacled nerd with minimal social skills could have someone for his own. The other is teaching me how to be a productive part of a potentially long term relationship.

In the dream I remember we were sitting around this wooden table, made of logs cut in half in a very haphazard way. Something you'd see in a documentary about the early settlers. We (or rather, they) talked about something, you know how it is in dreams, the only thing you remember is the voice of charlie browns teacher, "wroh-wroh-wroh" and I think (I can't be sure on this in retrospect that all I could think of was the chance to bedding them at the same time. Or maybe it was excitement at the possibility of getting her and having some Hot, sticky, sweat-pouring-down-your-back SEX!

I'm sure that a dream researcher or shrink would tell me that this has something to do with my mother..... oh well.

A girl, who is telling me that eating the remains of any living being is a crime against the planet, offers me some rock salad and tells me that my stomach will adapt before I know it. She and I and some 10 other people are all living in a large house. We're all celebrating because the Tool concert will be soon. A few start experimenting with a drug referred to as teleport. Not sure whether I partake.

The concert is over, and all I have to show for it is a single mental image of the stage during some part of the show with dim lighting. I keep thinking of this snapshot, trying to conjure up more memories, trying to remember even what songs they played, but to no avail. I'm so tired of these short-term memory failures, of the constant acceleration of time, of not knowing what I said in past conversations and never remembering any of my dreams*. I fittingly re-produce a phrase from somewhere in my subconscious which, though I don't remember it as such during the dream, was originally a misinterpreation of a Tool lyric: How can it mean anything to me, if I can't recall anything at all?

Luckily, for my sanity's sake, I soon awoke and discovered that the concert was still some 12 hours away.

* Of course, this thought comes during the only dream I've woken up and remembered in the past month or so

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