It's professional wrestling - (fake collisions + skimpy outfits); it pushes the romance button more often than the sex button, the sentimentality button more often than the raunch. Aside from that, it's no different than WWF crap. It's all about the false gods of "love" and consumption, and the looks-ist consensus reality. Even the added-for-color non-posh folks look like they've just stepped out of a Lexus ad and into Wardrobe. Shove that cliffhanger where the sun don't shine.

The Soap Opera first came to be in the early days of radio. They were origionaly called 'Melodramas', or 'Operae Dramatique'. The "soap" part came in the in the 1930's, when corporate sponsorships began happening; Sponsored by, among other things, companies that made Washing-Up Detergent. The adverts became so common during these programmes they took on the name 'Soap Opera', as we know them today.

And Now you know.

An album by The Kinks, good natured, intelligent humour from Ray Davies. Here Ray released another concept album. The Kinks thought this would be their last album together, yet thanks to Ray's genius, the album emerged as one of The Kinks most accomplished records.

A heavily orchestrated album that can be defined as theatre nearly (in fact Davies wrote, directed and acted in a play with the same name, in which he gets trapped as a boring guy in a dull life). The album hits many aspects of the dullness of everyday life in boring people, the nine to five guys.

Track List

  • 1. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker)
  • 2. Ordinary People
  • 3. Rush Hour Blues
  • 4. Nine To Five
  • 5. When Work Is Over
  • 6. Have Another Drink
  • 7. Underneath The Neon Sign
  • 8. Holiday Romance
  • 9. You Make It All Worthwhile
  • 10. Ducks On The Wall
  • 11. Face In The Crowd, A
  • 12. You Can't Stop The Music
  • 13. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker) - (mono)
  • 14. Ordinary People - (previously unreleased, live)
  • 15. You Make It All Worthwhile - (previously unreleased, live)
  • 16. Underneath The Neon Sign - (previously unreleased, live)
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