Born: October 19, 1966 in Queens, NY

Jon is probably best known as the star of Swingers or Monica's Ultimate Fighting Championship boyfriend on the tv series Friends. Jon has been very active besides these two roles. He has acted in many movies, he wrote Swingers, and he is involved in 5 movies currently in the works. Of the new movies he has had a hand in writing Made, To The Moon, and Marshall of Revelation. He is also acting in all three and directing Made.

Movies he has been in as an actor:
Rocky Marciano (TV)
Very Bad Things
Deep Impact
Persons Unknown
Just Your Luck
Notes From Underground
Batman Forever
Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle
Grandpa's Funeral (TV)
Movies he has written:
Smog (TV)
Movies he has directed:
Smog (TV)
TV guest appearances
The Sopranos
The Daily Show
The Larry Sanders Show
Chicago Hope

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