A HBO original series about a talk-show host, Larry Sanders (Garry Shandling). It exposes what goes on behind the scenes of a talk-show. Very funny, and had great people on it like Rip Torn, Jeffery Tambor, and Janeane Garofalo. Sadly, it was cancelled mid-1998. Due to the fact that it was a HBO sitcom to begin with, I doubt that you can catch any reruns. :( Hopefully it will end up on Comedy Central some time soon.

The problem a lot of people seem to have with The Larry Sanders Show is that they see the label 'sitcom' and expect a sitcom sitcom. Sure, it's got funny moments and it's based around a situation but it's wrong to put it in the same box as Friends and Frasier. It's more about the sleaze, the corruption and the power-plays that go on behind the scenes, many episodes being more bleak and cynical than laugh-out-loud funny, but all the time impressively well-written.

It's also worth noting that the show has been exported to a UK version called Bob Martin, written by Bob Mills and Jeff Pope and shown on ITV. However, instead of a talk show it's based around a troubled day-time quiz show with Michael Barrymore as the eponymous host. Like Larry Sanders emerged from Garry Shandling's experiences as a guest on talk shows, it's a fair bet that Bob Mills' own career of hosting a day-time quiz show was the main cause for the change in format.

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