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October 20, 2001
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Who the hell am I?

A writer? Technician, perhaps? Trivia nut? A fuckin' loon?

I'll let my wallet answer that question.

    The contents of my wallet as of January 30, 2001:
  • 3 locker combinations
  • School mock election voter registration card
  • Columbia House membership card
  • Expired CPR certification card
  • Subway® Sub Club card
  • Current CPR certification card
  • Blockbuster Video membership card
  • United States Fencing Association membership card
  • 2001 Libertarian Party membership card
  • Public Library membership card
  • Pennsylvania Driver's License
  • 2 pre-paid phone cards
  • FIC Motherboard warranty card
  • Visa Credit card
  • 2 business cards for a hearse dealership in Cincinnati, OH
  • Business card for my old guitar teacher
  • 3 more phone cards (used)
  • A card containing the decimal equivalents of an inch, and a Centigrade to Fahrenheit conversion chart
  • "The B***h Club. For anyone who is one! Carry this & let it show." No idea why that is in there
  • 50 Austrian Shillings
  • 3 receipts for food from Rollier's Hardware store
  • Receipt for paying $8.25 worth of library fines
  • 2 receipts for buying gloswticks at the dollar store
  • ATM receipt
  • Ticket stub for the 'Babylon' dance club in Munich, Germany
  • Expired coupon for favourite local diner
  • Ticket stub from 'Kennywood' amusement park
  • Pre-paid phone card off of a bottle of hair dye
  • Receipt for a package of AAA batteries
  • Receipt for buying munchies for New Year's 2001
  • $5 gift certificate to Ruby Tuesday's restaurant
  • 1 hall pass (unauthorized and reuseable) for use during school hours
  • $11 in cash (2 $5's (1 new, one old), and 1 $1)

Kinda got an idea of me now?