Heya folks. The day is still pretty young, so you may be wondering what the use of a daylog is right now... Well, I've been playing with the ekw theme and I've fallen in love with it's configurability. So much so that I've created...

The Aphex Twin ekw Theme of Mass-Genocide

If you want to test this badboy out, just feed these parameters into your ekw Preferences:

  • Background Color: #323232
  • Odd Row Color: #676650
  • Text Color: #8BA596
  • Unvisited Link Color: #ffffff
  • Visited Link Color: #cccccc
  • Active Link Color: #cccccc
  • Logo Border: #323232
  • Logo/Nodelet Title Background: #FFFF8C
  • Logo/Nodelet Title Text: #323232
  • Logo Accent Text: #676650
  • Text Font: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  • Text Font Size: 11px
  • Heading Font: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
  • Logo Font: Courier, fixed-width
  • Logo Font Size: 26px
You may (or may not) have noticed that I have aped the color scheme from the Warp Records website. I like the high-contrast funkiness, so sue me. Atleast I'm giving credit where credit is due. So give that puppy a whirl, and /msg me any comments or whatever....