David Hodges is a fictional character on the popular television drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He is portrayed by actor Wallace Langham, formerly of Veronica's Closet, The Larry Sanders Show and films such as Little Miss Sunshine. The character was introduced in the show's third season and became a regular character over time. At the beginning of the eighth season (2007-2008), he became a main character, and Langham appeared in the show's opening credit sequence for the first time. His first show appearance was in the third-season episode "Recipe for Murder."


Hodges (referred to almost universally by his last name; supervisor Gil Grissom is one of the only people to call him "David" or, occasionally, "Dave") is a lab technician assigned to analyze and identify trace samples provided to him by the field investigators. These samples can range from paint samples to fabrics to hair and skin samples from non-human animals. His job is to identify the samples, thus enabling the investigators to better understand crime scenes and what occured there. Like the other characters on CSI, Hodges works the night shift.

He arrived in Las Vegas after being transferred there by the Los Angeles Police Department. In his first appearance on the show, Hodges tells Grissom that his old co-workers seemed to think he had an attitude problem and that he thought he was entitled. In the episode "Play with Fire," which aired towards the end of the third season, an explosion rocks the crime lab, critically injuring one of the other techs. For a time it appears as though the explosion was caused by David's placement of various volatile substances near an open flame in the lab. When the CSIs investigating the incident approach him with this, he accuses them of being prejudiced against him because they may have heard rumours about him from his former colleagues in L.A. It is later discovered that the explosion had nothing to do with him.


Throughout the series, Hodges is portrayed as a sarcastic, snarky individual. His conduct appears to annoy many of his co-workers, as he is frequently reminding them of his scientific educational background. This appears to most often be the case earlier in the series, as by current episodes he seems to have grown on his colleagues, who find him irritating though not wholly offensive. He is apparently driven by his need for advancement, as he is frequently sucking up to his superiors. During the eighth season episode "Who and What," a crossover with Without a Trace, he asks FBI agent Jack Malone about opportunities at the federal level. Malone tells him that he's more likely to succeed in Las Vegas, as the FBI "already (has) enough kiss-asses."

Despite what many perceive as an attitude problem, he does seem to get along rather well with his co-workers. In the season five finale Grave Danger, he is seen playing a Dukes of Hazzard board game with CSI Greg Sanders. During this scene, he tells Greg that this is just the "work" him -- "you haven't had the full David Hodges experience." In another episode later in the series, he is shown to have ordered a Three's Company board game on eBay. (He won the auction, by the by.) 

Love life

The Wikipedia article about Hodges makes reference to him having had feelings for CSI Sara Sidle in the series's earlier seasons. I've watched a lot of CSI and I've never seen any concrete evidence of this. It has been made blatantly obvious of late, however, that he has serious feelings for fellow lab tech Wendy Simms, a DNA tech. This was hinted at in the season seven episode Lab Rats, which uncharacteristically focused on the techs rather than the CSIs. In that episode, Hodges convinces the other techs to help him try and crack the infamous Miniature Killer case while the CSIs are out of the lab working in the field. Wendy confronts him, aware that he was not asked by Grissom to help with the case, and accidentally nearly says "I can't believe I might actually have thought I had feelings for you."

In the season eight episode The Chick Chop Flick Shop, Wendy shows the other lab techs and CSIs a scene from a horror movie in which she had a cameo. One of the CSIs bemoans the fact that the women in most horror movies are often scantily clad, promiscuous and large-breasted. Wendy replies that her breasts are not large -- "they're kind of medium." Hodges accidentally adds "but perfect," and everyone stares at him. He attempts to cover up his slip by adding "-ly adequate," but only digs himself further into his hole.

In an earlier episode, Hodges asked CSI Catherine Willows how he was supposed to know whether a relationship had gone from "just friends" to "more than." She told him that if he had to ask, they were just friends. He then claimed that the mystery woman was making dinner for him that weekend, but then conceded that he was one guest among many.

He also was arrested once for trying to pick up a prostitute. Because he was a minor it didn't go on his permanent record and didn't impair his career in law enforcement. 

Output and success rate

Despite being annoying, Hodges has provided information that allowed the CSIs to break several cases. The first major example of this was at the end of season five, when CSI Nick Stokes was kidnapped and buried alive in the desert. The team found an early protoype of the crate the kidnapper had used to bury Nick, and Hodges finished his tests on it as they were in the process of saving him. He called Catherine and told her that the bottom of the crate was lined with explosives just in time, saving Nick and the rescue team.

He also discovered a clue that led to a major break in the Miniature Killer case. While examining the miniatures in Grissom's office while he and the other investigators were out on cases, Hodges and the other techs discovered that there was evidence of bleach in all four of the scale models of the four crime scenes. Grissom walked in on Hodges while he was examining the last miniature and was initially upset, but after Hodges explained that he'd discovered a link between all four (until then, random) crime scenes, Grissom became impressed. They surmised that the bleach may have been a trigger that caused the killer to become psychotically violent. 


Hodges is a fairly popular character among fans, with a few online communities devoted to him. This is particularly interesting because, up until a few months ago, he was considered a minor character who was in many, but not every, episode. Among fan fiction slash writers, he is often paired with Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders, and sporadically with ballistics tech Bobby Dawson.

(And yes, he's my favourite.)


You may notice that there are a number of similarities between this writeup and the corresponding Wikipedia article. There are two reasons for this: first off, these are facts that can be confirmed by watching the show in question. Secondly, I have been a regular contributor to said Wikipedia article, due partly to the fact that I'm a big CSI fan and Hodges is my favourite character.

Other references include CSI seasons three through eight, the first four of which I own on DVD, the fifth of which I have pre-ordered because it comes out in two weeks and the last of which airs Thursday nights. 


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