"Because I do not hope to turn again
Because I do not hope
Because I do not hope to turn"

because tracey has moved to portland and
phones only on holidays,
because jeff has grown a new beard and worries
of premature endings, he is still a best friend
because cliff will never photograph ecuadorian
whores for two-fifty (even for friends)
because michael has fought enemies on
fishing boats, he came home for us
because nathan is allergic to power, he
sneezes and smiles knowingly
because chris struggles with the trivial,
exploits other peoples' rooms
because jhasen spells his name wrong and
can't improve transcendence
because sara has issues with protestants
(a wine drunk will never learn)
because big al is a businessman denying
all thoughts of promiscuity
because sally is our only princess;
her sisters our only court
because shannon is tired of grieving
youth has only grown him older
because bates insists on world domination
(the doctor is in)
because melissa dances around surgical-art
busyness, it's what we've loved
because scott dances on the head of a pin,
he will never die by accident
because rob will reassure us all to the end
"i know what you mean, man"

because all of you have crossed me at one
time or another, because of lakeshore drive
and riley trails and new holland beach and ludington
state park and pietros and tunnel park after dark and
broken car windows and chained pick-up trucks
and peach boone's farm and terrible horror movies and
dangerous fathers and all out assaults of
unconsciousness and mushrooms on sunday and
norman mailer novels and discussions of lsd and
why the hell not? and we have fun out there and smoking it poor
and passion and art death guy and steveandedie and because it's christmas and excuses are never easy
to explain...

because all of this will fade one day.