Oscar is a Grouch who lives on Sesame Street. He's green but was orange for the first season*. (He was switched because green was more grouch like.) He has many pets, most prominently his worm named Slimey (How the heck did you forget that?). He also has several elephants--one named Fluffy, one named Penelope, the rest unknown--a pig, and a dog. He also has a car known as The Sloppy Jalopy, which took Maria to the hospital when Gabby was born.

He does have at least three elephants.

* Orange:
And green:
(Yes that groovy dude next to him is Gordon, played by Matt Robinson at the time)
(More at http://members.tripod.com/~hooperfan/index-2.html)

Oscar The Grouch Lives on Sesame Street.
He is green but used to be orange.
He lives in a garbage can and he likes garbage.
His pets are a worm named slimey,
A Goat,
Fluffy The Elephant And her friends,
and a pool with a dolphin named Ripper.
He also has a Bowling alley, a Piano, and a Train set.(Grouch Central Station).
In the movie "The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchand",
There is a doorway to Grouchland In Oscar's Trashcan.

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