A Christian TV show; it has evolved over the years from catch-as-catch-can, to a Tonight Show clone, to a "news-and-information" talk show. CBN founder Pat Robertson has been its constant over 35 years (he briefly left to run for prez in '88). Former co-hosts surely have a few tales to tell; only Danuta Soderman is talking. Several weeks are devoted to begathons - they needed 700 donors to keep CBN afloat in the early days, hence the name.

This show, which I used to watch with the sound off and Talking Heads on the stereo, launched the career of Cal Thomas as well as Mr.Robertson. It should be noted here that anything associated with Cal, is by definition, evil.

To their credit, the producers of this show never approached the audacity of Earnest Angley, who often suggested that people "put their hands on the screen" to receive healing.

Not coincidentally, this is my 700th node.

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