Well, it’s the moment everyone has been waiting for... the filling of the Richard Simmons node!

Sensitive fitness guru Richard Simmons grew up in New Orleans. He had battled with weight his entire life and always felt that many of the conventional fitness programs out there were not the best way for many to lose weight. He moved to L.A. in 1973 and opened up Slimmons in Beverly Hills, where he began a program that focused on the health and fitness needs of extremely overweight individuals.

This perky, often frightening man has made numerous radio and television appearances over the years, including a four-year run on “General Hospital,” and his own “The Richard Simmons Show,” which won an Emmy and is now in syndication. He spews out an assortment of best-selling videos, books, infomercials and more. He’s on the road promoting... a lot. He calls himself the “court jester of health.”

Though the idea of this man scares many, he has managed to help a lot of people who really needed it. He visits nursing homes, children’s hospitals and rehabilitation centers in an effort to reach out to anyone who needs his heartfelt inspiration.

Simmons has studied art in Italy and has previously worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. He has an art collection, and he also has a doll collection that he's quite fond of. Impressive.

Simmons has a biography out called “Still Hungry After All These Years,” and his dance/work-out videos include “Get Down the Pounds,” “Dance Your Pants Off,” “Disco Sweat” and “Sweatin’ to the Oldies.”

About three years ago, I had a dream that I was walking down the street with Richard Simmons. He came onto me in a crude manner (uh, yeah) and I was so disgusted I immediately flung out my arm and socked him in the stomach. Well, apparently I was so adament that I actually did this in my sleep, and hit my boyfriend sleeping next to me, hard, directly in the stomach as well. We both woke up, in shock, and I burst out laughing. I apologized and explained the atrocious nightmare.

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