This very rare four track EP of Robin Williams doing some of his best material from the early eighties was released by Casablanca Records (Home of Donna Summer and other Disco stars) in 1983. It includes one of my personal favorite comedy moments ever: Robin Williams covering Bruce Springsteen as Elmer Fudd. And one of my favorite Boss songs to boot, Fire. Recently re-released on CD, the current incarnation contains the following tracks (mostly skits, not bizarre covers):

I just could not resist including the lyrics

Bwuce Spwingsteen

I’m dwiving in my caw, I tuwn on the wadio
I’m puwwing you cwose, you just say no
You say you don’t wike it, but giww I know you’we a wiaw
`cause when we kiss, fiwe

Wate at night I’m takin’ you home
I say I wanna stay, you say you wanna be awone
You say you don’t wove me, giww you can’t hide youw desiwe
`cause when we kiss, fiwe

You had a howd on me, wight fwom the stawt
A gwip so tight I couwdn’t teaw it apawt
My newves aww jumpin’ actin’ wike a foow
Weww youw kisses they buwn but youw heawt stays coow

Womeo and juwiet, samson and dewiwah
Baby you can bet theiw wove they didn’t deny
Youw wowds say spwit but youw wowds they wie
`cause when we kiss, fiwe

Special props to the dialectizer at

Fiwe,, 7/26/2004

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