Educational television program geared towards the sciences. Produced by the Children's Television Workshop and aired on PBS from 1980 to 1992. Received Daytime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Children's Programming and Best Writing in a Children's Series several times. Won a Daytime Emmy for Best Cinematography in 1989 (the footage was produced by Engel Brothers Media).

is the reason
is the moment
when everything happens
is the answer
to the question
why does everything happen?

I recently caught a rerun of this show around 2 in the morning. After wondering what child would be up at that hour to watch it, I assumed that particular showing was geared towards individuals like myself, who grew up on it. The theme song was as funky and catchy as ever. The kid interviews looked strange from my grown-up perspective, but I could imagine a child relating to their peers coming through this medium. The Bloodhound Gang segment's story-within-a-story nature seemed as fresh as ever. This device, which the producers surely gauged as popular, is probably the reason for its use in other programs such as Square One's Mathnet.

There was also a related monthly magazine of the same name. It is partly responsible for my choice in career. It was aimed at kids that were too old for Sesame Street magazine and too young for Popular Mechanics, and filled in the gap very nicely.

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