It's also actually an acronym. You may now launch yourself from the following:

A much more technical form of skydiving. Many aspects of skydiving should be mastered before even considering this. You must know lots on parachute rigging and the aerodynamics of such. Also is a big help and basic requirement for anything higher than 1500 ft is TRACKING. If you can not move your body horizontally through the air you run a greater risk of an object strike (very bad). BASE incorporates many types of jumps including freefalls from extremely high objects 1000-4000 feet or lower 200-1000 ft objects, or even static lines for sub 250 ft jumps is recommended but not required. Austrailians have been known to do double gainers from similar altitudes. All require different setting up and slight equipment mods. Using skydiving equipment in this sport will quickly end you. This is not the movies! Jumping anything lower than 1000 ft with a skydiving rig will certainly kill you and higher is questionable. Having a rig with a reserve is pointless. Do it RIGHT the first time!

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