Classic cartoon shown on BBC1 between 1989-1991, Superted was a yellow teddy-bear thrown away by in a factory as a reject. However, he was saved by Spotty (an irritating yellow guy from space with green spots) who sprinkled him with cosmic dust and brought him to life. Spotty took him to a cloud where Mother Nature gave him special powers - and thus a superhero was born.

Living in either a spacestation or treehouse with Spotty, Superted was an ordinary bear until the magic words were uttered, when he gained the ability to fly and a nifty red cape. As always, there were the obvious bad guys - Texas Pete (a cowboy-style figure), the obese Bulk and the camp Skeleton - who were always comfortably disposed of, with Superted and Spotty being home in time for tea, or the like.

Superted was originally written and aired on Welsh language channel S4C in the early 1980s.

Thanks to Teiresias and CloudStrife

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