Failed television program which aired on ABC from October of 1985 to February of 1986.

The program revolved around a small group of paranormal misfits being studied by LA's Humanidyne Institute. Of course, living like laboratory rats wasn't interesting enough for the group, so they decided to use their abnormalities to fight crime.

The group consisted of:

Dr. Billy Hayes, the scientist in charge of their program. He had no powers to make him interesting. But he did get to drive their ice cream truck called the Fundae Sundae!

Dr. Elvin Lincoln, a very tall man who injected himself with a formula that caused him to shrink to a couple of inches every time the back of his neck was touched. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

Gloria Dinallo, a former bad-girl with powerful but imprecise telekinetic powers. The actress was Courteney Cox of later Friends fame.

Johnny Bukowski (Johnny B), the token pretty-boy of the team. Johnny B was a rock and roll musician who zapped himself with his electric guitar, gaining the power to absorb and shoot electricity. Really.

Episode Guide

001: Pilot, Part 1
002: Plot, Part 2
003: Your Place or Mayan?
004: Guess What's Coming to Dinner?
005: Lost Link
006: Sort of Looking For Gina
007: Sonar... Yet So Far
008: Steer Crazy
009: Fumble on the One
010: Twin Engines
011: Grand Theft Bunny
012: Grand Elusion
013: Once Upon a Night
014: Center of Attention
015: Against All Oz
016: The Avenging Angel
017: Three Days of the Blender (Unaired)

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