2000 Columbia Pictures motion picture directed by Betty Thomas

Starring Sandra Bullock, Viggo Mortenson, Steve Buscemi, Dominic West and Azura Skye in a drama/comedy about a successful New York writer with alcoholism who enters a 28-day rehab facility after getting a DUI.

Substance Abuse plays a strong theme in this movie. *begin rant* I winced in the theater numerous times at how inaccurately it is portrayed, but it was an effort. The writers tried to mix slapstick humor with a deadly and incurable disease, and (surprise!) it doesn't quite work. The cinema was filled with nervous and uncomfortable laughter, as though the people around me were feeling the movie hit too close to home. Not surprising, considering how most people have at least one loved one afflicted with this unfunny disease. Whatever earthy charm Bullock brought to her previous movies is very much absent here as she overacts her way through a pretty good portrayal of an immature bitch, but an execrably shallow portrayal of an alcoholic.*end rant*

An Australian punk-metal-hip-hop-crossover band.

28 Days are:

  • Jay - Vocals
  • Simon - Guitar
  • Damian - Bass
  • Scott - Drums
  • Jedi Master Jay - Turntables & samples

Their debut album is Upstyledown - 2000

Unfortunately Drummer Scott Murray was killed in a car accident in November 2001.

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