Who are we? We are the voice of tomorrow. We are the voice of those who cannot speak. We are the voice that cannot be heard. We are against this thing. We want it stopped. We stand in awe before the achievements of those who came before, yet even as we gaze up at the glory we cannot help but feel the winds of change blowing on our heels.

Down with this sort of thing! It has been too long. It has become too easy. We fall down without thinking. We cannot answer important questions. We laugh at things that are not funny. We have given in to the pressure of it all. We have become weak servants of the powers that be. Let them be no more. I say, let them be no more.

I ask you who have gathered here today: why do we do it? What can it mean? Why do you bother with all this? Why do you give up precious hours of your life to it? Why sacrifice your children to it? Are we not men? Are we not women? Do we have to put up with all this? Let me hear you shout!


I say NO!


Down with this sort of thing! Down with it and everything it is connected to. Down with all of the other things like it. Down with anything that reminds us of it! This is a pivotal moment in our history. One in which each man, woman and child must ask. Am I for it or against it? If you cannot help us tear it down then you are a part of the system that holds it up. I ask you: do you want this blood on your hands?

I know that I do not. That is why I am ready to tear it down. But, I cannot do it alone. No I can’t do it alone. So I ask: Are you with me?


I said are you with me?


All right! Now let’s tear it down!

(The crowd roars)

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