If you're involved at all in leftist politics, anti-war groups, and other pinko scum activities, I'm sure you're familiar with all the common signs and banners you see at the aforementioned groups' functions. At the big anti-war protests you'll see the mock Lord Of the Rings signs with Bush wearing the ring, the mock Star Wars signs, the "Not in our name" signs, the "No blood for oil" signs, and on and on ad infinitum. However, if you're like me at all, you grow tired of the same boring signs being held boredly by the same boring people over and over again, and if you're really like me you've grown a bit disillusioned with the whole protest scene altogether.

I have the solution!

Apolitical protest signs

You won't be changing anything (but are the REAL protesters anyway?) and you won't fit in nicely with the liberal drones, but you'll have the ability to voice your discontent, voice your sexual proclivity, voice your culinary preference, or whatever else you choose.

Here are some sample signs to get you started:

  • Burritos! (With accompanying illustration)
  • < Insert name of friend or enemy here > lacks moral compass!
  • Fuck this guy (with arrow pointing diagonally down to the left or right)
  • I couldn't afford a clever slogan.

You get the idea. If enough people join forces with the ranks of the apolitical signsters, we can constitute a movement ourselves. Who wouldn't vote for the Burrito Party?

In case you're interested, I don't find myself in ideological conflict with the anti-war movement or demonstrations. I'm just having trouble agreeing with the manner in which they were/are taking place. I don't purport to have any REAL solutions. I figure goofy signs can't come close to hurting the movement in a climate where CNN's coverage of the protests consistently started with multiple paragraphs on the "several HUNDRED" pro-war demonstrators.

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