See also alopecia.


Alopecia areata is a sudden, non­scarring hair loss disease that can affect adults or children. The factors that trigger the disease and its developlment are yet not fully understood. Generally alopecia is suspected to be an autoimmune disease where cells of someone's immune system prevent hair follicles from producing hair.


It's not known what activates the alopecia but the following factors are maybe influencing the sudden hairloss:

­ Psychologic stress
­ Physical Trauma
­ Local injury
­ Genetic predeposition
­ Infection
­ Pregnacy
­ Allergy
­ Chemicals
­ Seasonal changes


Spontaneous hairgrowth often occurs in people with the disease. Yet, there isn't something as a universally proven therapy. Treatments range from medication that ise 'irritating' the scalp to 'promoting the hair growth activity'. Popular are also the 'alternative treatments' but it is unknown if those treatments do or don't work. There have been several claims of success by using accupuncture, hypnotherapy, alternative herbs like Aloe Vera.

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