Firstly, this show is a shameless rip-off of Marvel's X-Men, Valiant's Harbinger, and no doubt many others. Marvel is a production partner, however, so the shame is mitigated.


If one can ignore that, Mutant X is a tolerable show that remains close to the comic books it emulates. So far, it is somewhat similar to Andromeda in that while not great, it is surprisingly not horrible.

The Plot:
GenomeX, a secret government project, at some point in the past, created genetically-engineered humans, dubbed 'New Mutants'. One of the scientists on the project, Adam, stole the identification files and went into hiding, hoping to protect the New Mutants from the fanatical Marcus Eckhardt, leader of GenomeX.

Adam gathers New Mutants to him, forming a band of heroes called Mutant X. Founding members are Jesse Kilmartin, code-named Synergy, who can adjust the density of his body from insubstantial to solid as a rock, and Shalimar Fox, code-named ShadowFox, who has animal-related powers like strength and athletics. In the first few episodes, two others also join. Emma Desalvo, codenamed Rapport, is an empath who reluctantly, at first, joins the team. Brennan Mulwray, codenamed Fuse, is a former criminal capable of shooting bolts of electricity from his hands, sometimes (somehow) able to make electronics do stuff. (Open the door, deactivate alarms.)

So far most episodes revolve around trying to get to New Mutants before Eckhardt and GenomeX/GSA (Genetic Security Agency) do.

The Cast:
John Shea - Adam
Forbes March - Jesse Kilmartin / Synergy
Victoria Pratt - Shalimar Fox / ShadowFox
Lauren Lee Smith - Emma Desalvo / Rapport
Victor Webster - Brennan Mulwray / Fuse
Tom McCamus - Mason Eckhardt

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Also a Marvel Comic starring Havok in an alternate universe.

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