A trilogy of films: 1982's "First Blood" (directed by Ted Kotcheff and written by Michael Kozoll, William Sackheim, and Sylvester Stallone, based on David Morrell's novel), 1985's "Rambo: First Blood II" (directed by George Pan Cosmatos and written by Kevin Jarre, Stallone, and James Cameron), and 1988's "Rambo III" (directed by Peter MacDonald and written by David Morrell, Stallone, and Sheldon Lettich).

All three of the movies starred Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo, a mentally disturbed, stoic, and very violent Vietnam War veteran who shoots up the United States, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Rambo was a one-man army and almost indestructible in his quest to win the Vietnam War (a little late) and humiliate the Soviets. The movies were very jingoistic and conservative and were almost required viewing during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

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