Colonel James 'Bo' Gritz, America's most decorated Green Beret, with 62 citations for valor. Gritz earned most, if not all of said citations doing black ops during the Vietnam War. Presumably, the movie Rambo is based on his life. During the 1980s, he made an unsuccessful trip back to Vietnam to look for POWs.

In 1988, he ran as Vice-President with David Duke on the ticket of the Populist Party, then dropped out shortly after learning of Duke's other hobbies. In 1992, he ran as the Populists' candidate for President, with a platform of fighting the New World Order, and making the United States into a Christian Nation. I was handed a pamphlet for him in '92, and it was filled with paranoid, anti-Semitic rants.

Today, Gritz serves as the voice for Militias and other kooks in the US. He is in charge of Almost Heaven, what he calls a 'Christian covenant community' northern Idaho. He offers training courses in how to survive when the UN invades the US. Unlike some of his peers, Gritz has invited minorities and homosexuals along on these outings. I do not know if any have accepted.

Gritz also does odd jobs for the US Government when domestic situations with right wing extremists flare up. He was instrumental in ending the Ruby Ridge siege when he came in to act as a negotiator for the FBI, and he also served as a mediator when the Feds stood off against the Freemen in Montana. He has a talk show on shortwave radio called "Freedom Calls".

In late 1998, Gritz's third wife of 23 became fed up with his frequent travels, and packed up and left. Despondant, Gritz attempted suicide. He has not made major news since.

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