An early 1990's tv show airing on Nickelodeon.

It first aired in 1989. taking place on the Bar None Dude Ranch owned by the well-meaning, but sometimes overenthusiastic Mr. Ernst. The staff included:
Melody, the beautiful lifeguard
Brad, the talented horse trainer
Danny, the oh so knowledgeable Native American
Ted, the "Zack Morris" of the show.

The Bar None Ranch was also home to Mr. Ernst's son Buddy and a ranchhand named Lucy. In the later seasons, Jake and Kyle were added to the show.

The show was simple, there were a bunch of episodes dealing with working on the ranch, dealing with your fears, hypnosis, and getting homesick.

Several parallels exist between this show and the popular Saved by the Bell can be drawn if you take a close look at the characters. Brad can be considered the Kelly Kapowski of the Bar None Ranch, usually the love interest of any guy who showed his face on air. Melody, a combination of Jessie Spano and Lisa Turtle, always taking a back-seat to Kelly, Melody often found herself as a secondary figure to the beautiful Brad. Saved by the Bell had A.C. Slater, and "Hey Dude!" had Danny, both specialized in certain areas of their world, A.C. had his sports and Danny had his knowledge of the trails and nature, both found themselves pining after the lower females on the show, A.C. dated Jessie, and Danny, although never really the ladies man, had to settle for Melody. Screech was taken over by the young Buddy, always considered part of the group, but most of the time considered the third or fifth wheel. And then, of course, there is Ted, who goes hand-in-hand with the coolest kid on campus, Zack Morris. Both were charming, but always found themselves in some sort of trouble with their respective authority figures, Mr. Belding and Mr. Ernst.

The parallels between the two shows are striking. It is unfortunate that "Hey Dude!" did not receive the attention that it deserved. Even though it will never reach as much success through syndication as Saved by the Bell, "Hey Dude!" will never be forgotten.

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