Ancient method of program execution and configuration. Good when you want to start something fast. Bad when you have to remember 40 different switches for an obscure program.

The idea that command line is slower is totally unfounded. Research shows that if a person knows how to type correctly, and the commands they are using are intuitive, it can be many times faster than even the best designed GUI.

Lets use a file manager as an example.

If I want to get a listing of all the files starting with F in c:\windows\system using a GUI, I have to open up the My Computer window, find the icon for Windows, and open that up. Then I have to find the icon for System. Now, assuming my file manager supports pattern matching, I have to go to a menu, select "Filter", enter in the filter I want (in this case "F*"), and hit OK.

Now lets do it using the command line. "dir c:\windows\system\F*.*". That's all you need. CLI's are great assuming you know what you are doing. And even if you don't, you can use tab completion as a crutch.

Personally, I think the largest reason why people prefer GUI's is because they lead you along. It's the whole wizard concept. People like being presented with a list of options. They don't like to have to think too much.

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