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Why do I need a mission? Some of us just like cock.
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Two cocks are better than one.
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I love cock. It's a little tough at first; until you get used to it. I remember the first time I put it in my mouth. My uncle and I were in the back yard when we heard a noise off in the distance. We went to invistage, but when we got around the corner my uncle stopped me. He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Andrew, have you ever had cock in your mouth?" I said, "No.", and he continued. "It's the most amazing thing ever, and I think you should try it." So, we killed one of the roosters and ate it. It was my first cock, and the very best. I will remember it to this day.

Well, I live in Half Moon Bay, California. I haven't done much with my life. Some drugs, some sex, some work, some school. I grew up in San Jose, and lived in San Francisco for a few years. I spend most of my time with computers and telecommunications, and make decent money doing so. I think sometimes that this adversely affects my social life. Oh well.

Here is the best way to get ahold of me: +1.559.692.1010

Yes, that is a telephone number. Not IM, not ICQ, not email, but a real fucking US phone number.