It sad to say, but there are several lines from computer games that have become part of my everyday jargon. In fact, it is not only me. Often I hear someone say a strange sentence in a strange tone of voice that fits the situation perfectly, and he says "What, you didn't play Montezuma's Revenge?" or some other well known game. And then I remember. So I guess everything affects us, and becomes incorporated into our personalities, even non-human sentences. Maybe it's all part of the plan of the computers to take us over.

Anyway, only 2 games come to mind, but what 2 games!

Mission: Impossible (or was it Impossible Mission?) Who remembers?* It was on Commodore 64 (remember them?). It yielded the two greatest sentences in the history of computer games:

And Baldur's Gate, which produced the following memorable lines:
  • A waste of my talents!
  • I am done.
  • Magic is good and well, but now Minsk leads. SWORDS FOR EVERYONE!
  • Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes.

*Accipiter, actually. "it was Impossible Mission. Epyx made it."

2004.2.1@12:54 Kit says What about the now-infamous "All your base are belong to us."? Indeed.