(French: "Political, civil, and literary annals of the 18th century" - abbreviated Annales politiques)

French newspaper of significant political, literary and economic interest, published 1777-1792 (London 1777-1780, Geneva 1780-1783, London 1783-1790, Paris 1790-1792).

The founder and editor of Annales politiques was Simon Nicolas Henri Linguet (with Jacques Mallet du Pan as coeditor for part of the period, particularly while Linguet was in the Bastille, 1790-1792).

The editorial line of the Annales politiques matched Linguet's pugnacious style - he was a believer in absolutism, and a committed opponent of modernity and the Enlightenment. Opposed to the philosophes, he argued violently with d'Alembert and wrote pamphlets against Mirabeau and for Louis XVI. Linguet and his paper had the support of Marie Antoinette, which became a liability after the fall of the royal family. In 1792, the Annales politiques shut down, and in 1794, Linguet was guillotined for "having flattered the despots of Vienna and London."

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