Danish - "Brunede Kartofler"

Pronunciation: "Brooneh'the Chart'of'ler".

This is a popular side dish for various Danish recipies, like Flæskesteg and Forloren Hare.

In Denmark we always use "glass potatoes", that is ready peeled and cooked potatoes in water sold in glass jars, to make caramelled potatoes. These store bought potatoes are almost uniformly the same size. This is advantageous during preparation, because it makes them easier to turn in the hot caramel. If you can't get precooked potatoes just get som small or "baby" potatoes, about three to four centimeters long and fairly round, which you peel and boil. The potatoes should be slightly undercooked because they will recook in the caramel.



Get out a big frying pan and melt the butter. Add sugar so that it covers the entire pan in a layer about a quarter to half a centimeter deep. Turn up the heat a bit and let the suger melt into caramel. The heat must be exactly such that you fry the sugar but doesn't burn it.

Once you have a smooth liquid caramel, you can add the potatoes. If the potatoes are cold, as they would be if you got them in a glass jar, you need to turn up the heat to maximum before you add the potatoes to prevent the caramel from hardening. Once the potatoes are cooking you should turn down the heat. We want caramel to start sticking to the potatoes now. Keep turning the potatoes during the entire process.


Serve together with the main dish on a big plate, or in a bowl by themselves as you prefer. You don't have to serve all the caramelled potatoes at once. Just keep the rest on the frying pan at low heat, enough to keep them warm.

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