Apocalypse 2020: Node-by-Phone

I'm typing this on my phone because there is no internet. Something to do with the bushfire that's burning in the paddocks between the Canberra airport and the Queanbeyan sewerage treatment plant 15km away from me. This also means no reQuest updates tonight because that would involve typing html formatting on my phone, and I'm not into masochism.

The week began with a bang. Lots of bangs. Hail-the-size-of-golfballs kind of bangs. Across Canberra cars and pergolas were smashed, the Australian National University shut down the whole campus (they are prone to flash floods and get twitchy about it), and 65 greenhouses at the CSIRO were smashed, destroying years of research.

It did clear the smoke out of the sky, though.

Wednesday we returned to bushfire, and today was hot, dry and very windy. Several fires in the south east of NSW flared back up and out of control, once again threatening houses and people. Residential areas evacuated to local ovals and schools, and waited anxiously for the all-clear. Commercial and industrial areas knocked off early and pissed off home before anyone could come up with an alternative. Half an hour south of here a C-130 Herc air tanker crashed. The three crew members, on loan from California, died. We are in a bit of shock: the last plane crash near Canberra was in 1940.

It's raining again now.

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