"haji-" (short for hajimemashite)
translation: nice to meet you

"ma-" (short for tadaima)
translation: came back! (from "away from the keyboard"

"4649" (short for yoroshiku)
translation: nice to meet yah!

"banwa-" (short for konbanwa)
translation: good afternoon

translation: where are ya from?

"pic aru?" or "gif aru?"
translation: do you have a pic or .gif?

translation: ok gotta go!

Appendix: Stupid Emoticons

general smileys
(^_^) (^-^) (-^ ^-) (^ . ^) (^0^) (^o^)

What the!
(* o *)(‘ o ‘)(* . *)

sad smiley
(ToT) (;_;) (T.T)

sleepy smiley
(~.~) (-_-)

goodbye smiley
(;_;)/~~ (^-^)/~~


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