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Details on the low FODMAP diet can be found here.

These recipes are either already suitable for a low FODMAP diet, or can easily be made so with straightforward substitutions that don't require tweaking e.g. using dairy-free table spread instead of butter, or gluten free/low FODMAP flour instead of regular flour.

Please doublecheck ingredients as we all have different levels of sensitivity and what works for me may not work for you!

Feel free to /msg me with suggestions, corrections, queries and comments.

1 Double crust death by lemon pie (thing) Maylith writeup
2 Raspberry souffle with poached strawberries and mint pesto (thing) sneff writeup
3 Poached strawberries (thing) sneff writeup
4 Mint pesto (thing) sneff writeup
5 Tamarind and star anise chicken (thing) sneff writeup
6 Chocolate Fondant (thing) ascorbic writeup
7 Green Onion Pancakes (thing) DMan writeup
8 Chocolate Crackles (recipe) bexxta writeup
9 Chocomarmalaska (recipe) Nemosyn writeup
10 Lemon Polenta Cake with Rosemary Syrup (thing) blowdart writeup
11 Cashew cheese (recipe) Nemosyn writeup
12 Vegan Welsh Rarebit (recipe) Nemosyn writeup
13 banana cue (recipe) pandakekok9 writeup