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Maintained By: Nemosyn

A collection of nodes more or less suitable for the under 12s.

May contain swearing - I'm a bit flexible about that as a parent.

All nodes approved by Nemosyn's offspring, the Minininja.

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1 999,999,999,999,999 Bottles of Beer on the Wall   e2node
2 Alexander the Great and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good Very Bad Day   e2node
3 Don's missing a mastodon   e2node
4 How to destroy the world using a spaceship and an elephant   e2node
5 How to determine whether a number is divisible by 3   e2node
6 I remember when we built real forts   e2node
7 It's fall and you know what that means   e2node
8 The Bear FAQ   e2node
9 THE LOUD NODE   e2node
10 The Water Bear FAQ   e2node
11 This node should be filled with bees!   e2node
12 Why strapping buttered toast to a cat's back will not produce infinite power   e2node
13 March 16, 2012 (log) Zephronias writeup
14 No matter how wise an old sheep, he can't teach a fish how to polevault (idea) Tarquinious writeup
15 The elephant that wished he could fly (fiction) JellyfishGreen writeup
16 Sugar cubes, man (thing) Chord writeup