Said Mister Don to Master Don 'Come here anon.
That bastard's had my mastodon. He must have done,
he must have had my mastodon with mustard on.
He's fast that one. But watch me pull a faster one.
He's going to learn at last, my son. He's messing with
disaster now, that mastodon's the last he's won.'

Said Master Don to Mister Don 'Relax, old one.
That mastodon of yesterday was past it, done,
a rancid and infested one. I'm glad it's gone.
We'll catch another twenty-tonner mastodon.
His pride he'll find he's dashed upon a classic con.
He laughs for now, the last is ours, we'll laugh the longest.
Here they come, that crippled one looks just the one.'

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