Hidden behind the CD tray on "Wasting Our Parents' Money: The Best of College A Cappella Humor", I found this handy dictionary. All capitalizations are exactly as in the original.


Congratulations! You've found the SECRET DECODER!

Now YOU can translate the backing vocals of your favorite A CAPPELLA songs to reveal SECRET MESSAGES! Simply transcribe the music and translate the NONSENSE SYLLABLES to their ENGLISH EQUIVALENT. At long last you can find out the hidden meaning of "Blue Moon!" Amaze your friends when you show them exactly why the lion is so tired tonight! UNCOVER the top-secret government transmissions in "The Whiffenpoof Song" that helped us WIN THE WAR!

Ah = The
Ay = My
Ba = Not
Bow = He
Bum = She
Chi = Library
Da = Baseball Game
Dee = Dog
Diddy Diddy = Worship Satan
Dip = Lather
Dja = Rinse
Djin = Repeat
Ding Dong = Hello
Doo Wop = My Guitar Broke
Dow = Invest In Stocks
Dum = Invest In Internet Stocks
Ja = Stop
Ka = Drop
La = Roll
Lama = Moose
Na = Sorry, I'm Busy Tonight
Na Na = Let's Just Be Friends
Oh = No Kidding?
Ow = Throat Is Dry, Need Water
Papa Oo Mow Mow = Paul Is Dead
Shaboom = Da Bomb
Sham-a-lama = Vegetarian "Moose"
Shoo Be Doo = You Meddling Kids
Shoop Shoop = The Lead Singer Is Sharp
Ti = A Drink With Jam & Bread
Ting-Tang Walla Walla = Will Your HMO Pay For This?
Uga-Chaka = That's An Ugly Baby
Wow = I'm Impressed
Yip = Goodie for you
Yow = Zoinks

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