This is what you do when you're on FIRE. First of all, stop running around, 'cause you'll set the curtains on fire. Next, drop. This means hit the ground, soldier. Now roll. If you're lying on a flammable material, try to roll off of it. If all goes well, you'll stop burning, and go on to live a long, happy life.

They try to pound this into your head when you're little, hoping that if you actually do catch on fire, you'll remember it instead of thinking "Holy shit, I'm on fire!"

What to do if you're on fire


Stop! Don't run, don't walk, don't hop, don't skip- STOP! Movement will only add more fuel to the fire, fan the flames, allow oxygen to have its way with the inferno.


Let yourself fall to the floor. Try really hard not to break anything, or do any more damage then will already have been done when this is over. But, most importantly, DROP to the floor/ground/other surface below you.


Roll around on the floor like a crazy-person! Don't go get a roll, don't put on rock 'n roll- SMOTHER the flames by ROLLING on the floor!

Ok, now, you might want to find someone to help you deal with the burns that are left behind, or call the fire department to take care of whatever blew up, or whatever..

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