Poison Arm Samurai is the name of an exercise in improvisational comedy to teach the student how to cooperate with their fellow players physically, AND it's a lot of fun!

All of the players stand in a circle facing each other and begin to move both of their arms in unison, in slow motion, up above their heads and back down. This is to establish the attack speed.

At random, anyone in the group can begin to attack. Their weapons are the edge of their arms, from the tip of their pinkies to the tip of their elbows. The objective of the game is to make physical contact with someone else's body, but the players can use the edges of both arms as protection.

When one player makes contact with any other player's body, then the player who has been touched dies in slow motion, falling to the ground. As they die, the player is allowed to flail about, in slow motion, as a means of final attack. The last player standing, even if on their way down, wins.

Of course, winning isn't everything. The dynamics of the game are really cool. From out side of the game it looks like some bizarre combination of Tai Chi and fencing.

Try it, you'll like it.

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