Laws adopted in March 1993 by the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee, as arrived at through discussions with indigenous local women. The "first Zapatista uprising."
  1. Women, regardless of their race, creed, skin color or political affiliation, have the right to participate in the revolutionary struggle, in the place and to the degree their willingness and ability permit.
  2. Women have the right to work and receive a just pay for their labor.
  3. Women have the right to decide the number of children they will bear and care for.
  4. Women have the right to participate in community affairs and hold political office if they are elected freely and democratically.
  5. Women and their children have the right to PRIMARY MEDICAL CARE in health and food issues.
  6. Women have the right to education.
  7. Women have the right to choose their spouses and not to be forced into marriage.
  8. No woman may be hit or be physically abused neither by relatives or strangers (sic?). Rape assaults and actual rapes will be severely punished.
  9. Women may hold leadership positions in the organization and hold military rankings in the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
  10. Women have all the rights and obligations set by the revolutionary laws and obligations.

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